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Worlds Top 10 Happiest Countries

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World Top Happiest Countries

Happiness is said to be state of mind. Some measure it through materials owned and some find it in contentment. It is said that happiness can’t be bought but it can be created. Some countries have succeeded in creating happiness for their citizens by giving them quality life, freedom, corruption-free environment, high income and other facilities. Here is the list of top ten happiest countries of the world.

Happiest Country in the World 2018



Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Living standards are very high in this beautiful country. Most of its citizens claim that daily, they have more positive experience than the negative. Norway is most naturally beautiful place with abundance of glaciers and mountains.

Happiest Country in the World



Denmark is a small country and its natives believe in togetherness. Family is their top priority and they emphasize on imparting moral values in their kids. High per capita income, low unemployment rates,100% literacy are few other components which have made these countries one of the happiest place to live upon.

Happiest People in the World



Iceland happens to be one of the most expensive countries in the world but it’s also world’s most peaceful country. Life expectancy for men is highest in this country. Excellent healthcare, high living standards, low tax rates and education are some other factors which have brought Iceland on the top chart.



Switzerland is most stunning country. It seems God has made this country in his leisure time. Snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, and towering snow-capped mountains charm people from all over the world. Higher life expectancy, strong healthy rankings, plenty of community involvement and safe environment are some determinants of happiness of Switzerland.



Finland is amongst the most socially progressive countries. God had blessed this Finland with abundant natural resources. Small income gap, high quality of life, high literacy rates, great work-life balance and low level of corruptions are the reasons of happiness of this country.



The world knows Netherland for its tulips, windmills, and clogs. Its natives claim to be most satisfied people in world because of its modern society, highest paid jobs, active lifestyle and abundant culture.



Canada is the most diplomatic and stable country of the world. Its citizens are happiest on this planet indeed. High income levels, strong sense of community, lower stress levels, higher physical activities keep residents of this country happy.

8.New Zealand:


The land of midnight sun New Zealand stands on 8 no. on worlds happiness index. World Bank ranked New Zealand as best country for doing business. Apart from excellent work culture, Kiwi’s are best known for their laid-back approach towards hustle and bustle of making money. Their contentment makes them happiest people on earth.



Australia is a blissful land of beautiful landscapes and bountiful ocean. Australia has also ranked top in providing education, security, clean environment, employment, physical and mental health and high income to its natives.



Sweden is a paradise on earth. God has blessed this country with stunning natural beauty, lush green forests ,rocky islands and vast frozen landscapes. Sweden also scores high in areas of environmental quality, overall health, life satisfaction and a number of business opportunities. These are the reasons which bring Sweden on the tenth spot of this list.

This list gives evidence that happiness is a result of strong social foundations. Any country can become happy by just providing basic amenities and opportunities to its natives.

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