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Buying Jewellery: In Store vs Online

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The opening up of the world economy has brought about a significant change in our shopping habits. Consumers have moved on from just relying on touch and feel to trusting websites and buying only on the basis of how a product looks. This has caused companies in various industries to take the omnichannel route and spread their reach. Jewellery is also one of them. Even though it is a high investment product, it has managed to carve a space for itself in the online world. A lot of consumers are shifting from going to their trusted jewellers’ brick and mortar store, to buying new designs online that has caught their fancy.

Buying jewellery from a physical store had its own benefits which cannot be overlooked however there are benefits of buying jewellery online as well. We have put together some reasons why you should look at adopting the online way while buying jewellery.

  • Know the kind of jeweller you are looking for

When you are buying offline, your options are limited when you enter a store or even when you choose a store to begin with. However, when you are shopping online, you can look through high-end to budget jewellers, depending on what your need is and what your budget is.

  • More variety of products

An offline store has space to store limited products. There are only so many options that you can choose from. However, when you are buying online, your options get multiplied. You can look through various different options and the same jeweller with an offline store will have more options online. This will help in broadening your search, giving you more variety to choose from so ultimately you do not settle for anything less. If you are looking at buying a gold ring, then the number of gold ring design options that you will get online is so much more than what a single shop will be able to offer you.

  • Additional services

When you shop online, there are multiple additional services that also come along your way which might not be available in an offline store. Check if the retailer is willing to engrave and customize jewellery as per your requirements, multiple payment options for costlier items, special deals and discounts and coupon options, discounts for special occasions and even gift wrapping and doorstep delivery of your chosen piece of jewellery. If you have looked for a diamond ring for ladies and selected one for your special someone, then if you want it to be delivered to them directly, the service from the retailer towards this is an added bonus which you should definitely consider.

  • Reviews of customers

One of the good parts about shopping online through various websites is that you get access to reviews and recommendations from real people. Almost all websites have a section where they display reviews and recommendations of their existing customers because they understand that new customers will believe this more and find this to be a more credible source. They will trust the company more and eventually end up making a purchase. A pull strategy always works better than a push strategy when it comes to online shopping. It increases the credibility of the purchase and ensures that the customer keeps coming back to you.

These were some of the reasons why online shopping is better than offline shopping. However, everyone has their own beliefs and things that convince them about one option over the other. It is best to see what works for you and then stick to it.


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