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Celebrating Motherhood On Mother’s Day In This Pandemic Situation

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Motherhood is a thankless job, mothers continuously thrive to improve our lives and encourage us. Mothers work relentlessly round the clock to make us happy and prosper. This mother’s day let’s show her our gratitude by gifting her some DIY which you can easily make midst this pandemic. The following are a few suggestions:

1. Rose Water:

Rose Water DIY

All you need is a few rose petals, water, a saucepan, and essential oil (optional). Put the rose petals in the saucepan with approx. 100ml of water, bring it to a boil then add a few drops of the essential oil and let it cool at room temperature. When cool, strain and pour it into a bottle. Voila! Your homemade toner is ready.

·2. Photo Frame:

A photograph of your choice, cardboard, fevicol, chart paper, and a pair of scissors is all you need. Start cutting the cardboard into a heart shape according to the size of the photograph in such a way that the cutout covers the edges of the photograph. Then cut the chart paper the same size of the cardboard cutout, after this leave an inch and a half and cut the inner portion of it. Once done the chart paper will look like the border of the frame. Paste the photograph on the cardboard then paste the frame of the chart over it. There you have your personalized photo frame.

· 3. Marble Painted Cup:

Marble Printed Cup

You will require a white cup, a nail paint of choice, a bowl filled with water. Pour some nail paint in the bowl filled with water and using a toothpick, create a pattern of your choice. Hold the cup firmly from the handle immerse its surface on the pattern, swivel it around so that all the pattern gets on the. Let it dry for some time. Voila! Your abstract art cup is ready.

· 4. Lip Balm:

For making lip balm at home all you need is petroleum jelly, food coloring or eye shadow, any essential oil (optional), a saucepan, and a small container with a lid. Melt the petroleum jelly in the saucepan then add a few drops of food coloring of your choice or scrape off some eye shadow in it. The eye shadow and the food coloring will have the same effect. Put in a few drops of essential oil in it. In its liquid state pour the mixture in the container let it set and there you have your lip balm.

· 5. Leaf Imprinted Card:

The long green leaf is what all you need for making Mother’s Day card. Take any leaf like mango leaf or any other whichever is available, two contrasting paints and a brush, an A-4 sized sheet, or ivory sheet. Paint the leaf from the midriff to half the leaf on both halves with one color and the edges with another. Fold the sheet in from its length. Apply the leaf on the edge in a slanting manner, put paperweight on the leaf, let it dry and remove the leaf cautiously.

Remember to tell your mothers how much you cherish them and love them.
Happy mother’s day!

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