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Why Is Kabini Heaven For Wildlife And Nature Lovers?

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All good things are wild and free. However, with urbanization taking over places, access to these good things have become difficult. If you live amongst the hustle and bustle of the happening Bangalore city and are looking for a quick getaway, Kabini is the place to be.

Situated just around 3 to 4 hours from the city (about 200 km), this place is a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers.  The drive by itself offers scenic and breath-taking views which you can take in during your drive to the place. There are many nature resorts where you can stay at the Kabini riverside like Resort Kabini and Kabini backwaters resort. These resorts offer fine accommodation that comes with all kinds of modern amenities and cozy interiors and are protected safely from any kinds of dangers. So you need not worry about wildlife animals breaking into your room in the middle of the night. These resorts bring you closer to nature like never before.

The wildlife found in this region is quite exotic such as the Black Panther, Gaur, Elephants, Tigers and more. The Kabini wildlife sanctuary is one of the most famous wildlife regions in the state of Karnataka and even the south of India. It was once the private hunting region for the British. You can easily spot them along the riverside. Kabini is welcoming to tourists all year long, however, if you are looking for a fauna rich experience months from November to January is the best time. Similarly, if you hope to see lush green forests and flourishing fauna, you can visit this place between the months of July to October. Just the tranquillity of the place will give you a sense of calmness through you. Birds chirping, animal noises in the wild and the soothing sound of water bodies from afar are sure to have you engrossed in the serenity of the place.

Here are some of the activities you can do in order to get in touch with nature while you are there:

1.Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Kabini

If you are a true animal-lover, zoos aren’t the place you will want to meet them. Get closer to wildlife by taking one of the many Jungle safaris the place has to offer. Watching the wildlife wander freely in their habit will give you a sense of satisfaction as much as thrill when they come closer to your jeep!

2. Trek

Trek in Kabini

When you trek in Kabini, you can expect to see and experience wonderful things.  You can choose from a range of different treks from mountains and hills to lush green forests, the choice is yours. Ensure you have a guide that comes along, as you are likely to encounter some wildlife during your trek here.

3.Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari in Kabini

Looking to explore the jungle from a top angle view? An Elephant safari is your ticket to that view.  Get on top of magnificent elephants and take in the richness of wildlife and the lush forests. Do not worry, these elephants are treated well and taken care of.

4. Boating

Boating in kabini

Are you a water baby? Then you have to take a ride on the Kabini river. The place being named after this river signifies the importance this place holds.  The river is surrounded by lush forests and you can even spot some wildlife roaming around the banks. Bird-watching over this river is a much-enjoyed activity amongst many. So don’t forget to take your binoculars!


No trip is complete without some local shopping, no matter how small the place is. Shop for some local handicrafts made by the tribes in and around Kabini to take back home with you as memory.

If you happen to have more time in hands, you can take a short drive down to the Kabini dam and Iruppu falls. It takes about an hour by road to get there. You can also visit Kutta, a small town in the Kabini region. It is popular for it’s coffee, paddy and spices estates.

There are several such naturistic things that make Kabini a great spot to visit. You can unwind in the quietude of this flora and fauna rich region if you are looking for a quick getaway from the busy lives of Bangalore.

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