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10 Psychological Tricks That Work On Almost Everybody

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There are many psychological tricks spread across the internet. Not all of them work. However, there are some that will freak other people out just because of the accuracy of their results. These tricks will make people think that you are a genius and once you begin, you will gain the ultimate respect from everyone. You can try them with your friends and then feel smug later on with the results.

1. Stalker Detecter


Sometimes we feel like we are being followed or observed by a person. Looking around the room, one may find a person who is constantly staring in your direction. Now, chances are that the person is just lost in thought while looking towards you or maybe the person is noticing someone in front of or behind you. There is a very simple technique to confirm whether someone is looking and noticing your every move. Yawn! Yawning has been proven to be very contagious and if a person sees someone yawn, more often than not, he/she will yawn too.

2. Part The Crowd

Suppose, you are at a crowded place or at a party and need to get across the room. All you have to do is look in the direction that you wish to go. You will see a pathway crowd-free open up. The trick to this is that in crowded areas, people notice other people’s eyes to see where they are going. So they move out of the way to avoid a collision with the person. This won’t work with sunglasses or if you are looking at your phone.

3. Snackman Effect

This trick was named after a man who was dubbed “Snackman” after a video went viral in 2013. Snackman had boarded a New York City subway car which happened to have a physical fight between a man and a woman. Snackman broke up the fight by simply standing between them and eating. People associate eating with calm times and usually all anger goes away at the sight of food.

4. Appease Confrontation


If you are worried that you might have a confrontation or an argument with a person in a meeting, make sure you sit right next to them. This way, even if they wish to argue with you, they would have to move their whole body just to make eye contact. And the laziness that is in-built in human nature will make sure the person avoids an argument with you.

5. Aim Higher

This is not just a motto for life. It means that if you have to ask someone for something, before asking for the required amount of anything, ask for a ridiculous amount. The person will say no almost surely. After that, ask for the actual amount you wanted. They will feel bad for not agreeing to your demand earlier.

6. Eye Contact


People find it really difficult to make and maintain eye contact at times. The trick to make eye contact for such people is to try and remember the colour of the eyes of the other person, all the while having a smile on your face. This would make it seem like you are making eye contact during the conversation.

7. Rubber Hand


This trick is an illusion for the brain into thinking that a rubber hand is its own limb. Ask a friend to place both his hands on a table and then hide their left hand behind a screen. Then place a rubber hand between their right hand and the screen and start stroking the rubber hand and their left hand at the same time. The person will flinch if you try to stab the rubber hand.

8. Grey Elephant


Ask your friend to think of a number between 1 and 9 and multiply it with 9. Ask them to add the two digits of the number and subtract 5 from it. Then, code the alphabet like 1 for A and 2 for B and so on. Ask them to think of a European country with the letter. Then ask them to think of an animal with a name starting with the next letter. Ask them to think of the colour of the animal. In 9 out of 10 cases, the answer would be a Grey Elephant from Denmark.

9. Stop Light


Ask your friend to spell ‘Shop’ out loud. Then ask them the pronunciation for F-L-O-P. Ask them to spell COP out loud. Then ask them what they do when a traffic light turns green. The answer in most cases would be Stop.

10. Red Hammer


Write down a few equations on a sheet of paper. These would be 15+6, 3+56, 89+2, 12+53, 75+26, 25+52, 63+32. On the backside of the same paper, write, 123+5. Ask the person to say a colour and a tool. The answer in 98% of the cases would be Red Hammer.

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