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Find Out Which Type Of Beard Suits You The Best

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We all love to see a man with a beard for his charming and equally dashing appearance! We also know how much ‘in’ the beard trend is! Every 3 out of 5 men are found with a face half- covered under a heavy and well- groomed beard. But still, if you are one of those 2 men who doesn’t grow a beard, let Pepnewz give you few legit reasons which may convince you to start growing them!

A team of researchers from the University of Queensland has studied the health benefits and effects of beards and concluded that there are several ‘known and unknown’ skin benefits of growing a beard.According to the study, beards can protect your face from harmful UV radiations. Since the Ozone Layer is depleting every year, beards are a handy and cost- effective way to protect your face. Not to mention they are extremely eye pleasing!

For further research, some bearded mannequins were let out under the sun for a specific amount of time. The researchers calculated the effects of sun’s rays and harmful radiations like UV rays; they found that a full- grown mane provides the same level of protection as that of an SPF 20 sunscreen!

So you know why you should keep a beard. Now all you need to know is the which and you will be all setWell, we have got you covered. Find out the best beard to go with according to your face’s shape below:

1: If you have a round face then keep your beard and sideburns tight. Trim at the sides and let the chin fuzz grow downward; it creates the illusion of a longer face.


2: If you have a square shaped face, keep your beard thick around the jawline and chin.


3: If your face is rectangular shaped then go for the full beards that have more volume at the sides and less on the chin.


4: For the triangular shaped face, full sides and scruffy styles help soften the sharp silhouette of the chin.


5: People who have an oval shaped face are the luckiest ones! Anything and Everything can work for them.



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