September 27, 2023
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5 Tips To Get Strategic About Your Exercise Routine

How can I make my workouts more intense? You probably understood by now that exercise and physical activity is good for you, right? However, you might question yourself on how to take advantage of its benefits. Perhaps you are afraid that you cannot spend enough time in order to make it worthwhile or maybe you really can’t afford workout equipment …

Plogging Might Just Prove To Be An Awesome Workout


Indian tourists often praise the cleanliness that they find in foreign countries, all the while talking about how dirty and crowded their own country is. But with the onset of the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign, a lot has improved and there are regions in the country which are quite clean. Of course it will take many years to reach the level …

Skipping A Rope Can Do More Than Help In Weight Loss


We live in a time where everyone is obsessed with being in the perfect shape of health. However, many people find it hard to make time to get into shape or some consider it a financial burden. For these people, and all the rest of us too, skipping comes in the form of a savior. Not only is it cheap …

Kissing Is Not Just For The Relationship But Also For You

Kissing is one of the most intimate parts of a relationship and a very powerful bonding tactic. It can range from a simple peck on the lips to a long and intense make-out session. Studies have shown that the couples who kiss more often are relatively more satisfied with their relationship than others. If this was not a reason enough …


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