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Kissing Is Not Just For The Relationship But Also For You

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Kissing is one of the most intimate parts of a relationship and a very powerful bonding tactic. It can range from a simple peck on the lips to a long and intense make-out session. Studies have shown that the couples who kiss more often are relatively more satisfied with their relationship than others. If this was not a reason enough to kiss more, here are five more reasons.

1. Happiness Increase and Stress Relief


No one has ever been sad right after a kiss. A kiss is a relaxing activity and it provides a surge in energy. A kiss helps our brain to release chemicals that make us feel good. A kiss calms us and excites us at the same time. Imagine after a long day, your partner gives you a kiss and tells you of their love for you. Surely that is a feeling to cherish. Kissing increases our bonding with our partner and brings us closer.

2. Workout


Kissing helps release adrenaline and that rush pumps the blood faster in our body. This helps our body to maintain a better circulation and increases our metabolism. This helps us burn calories and what better workout session could be there other than a passionate kiss? It is also a great exercise for the facial muscles and the pumping blood in our face makes it glow more.

3. Increases Immunity


The exchange of saliva during a kiss exposes our body to new germs. The strength of said germs is not high enough but their presence forces our body to manufacture antibodies against them, making us more resistant to various diseases.

4. A Great Way Of Communication


Kissing does not require words and yet it conveys a very strong message of attraction. There are some people who cannot describe what they feel aptly and stammer and blabber while talking to their loved one. Kissing conveys tenderness, passion and most of all desire.

5. Keeps Partners Connected


Kissing someone releases a hormone called oxytocin in our brains which is also called the ‘love hormone’. Kissing someone fills our body with oxytocin and large amounts of it can keep a couple bonded together through thick and thin.

Kissing is essential in a relationship. No relationship is complete without it. A kiss helps a person individually just as much as it helps the relationship.

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