February 06, 2023
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Do Talk To Yourself Sometimes

Life is a journey that does not end. Death travels to an end. Everybody is busy in determining this journey. It looks each one has become non-stop. Evolution is necessary but it is swallowing pains or disturbances. A man has become a money making the machine.  A man has lost in this materialistic world. He is moving hither and thither, …

Rise In Hate Crimes In UK After Brexit & Terror Attacks

A 29 percent surge in hate crimes has been registered in the United Kingdom after the referendum for Brexit and the various terror attacks that took place in Britain. This was in accordance to the new figures that were released by the Home Office on Tuesday. This was the largest increase so far in the few years since the Home …

Australia’s Hindu Community Upset Over Ganesha Advertisement

A marketing campaign for lamb, which was made with the intention of promoting inclusivity has angered the international Hindu community, which is calling for the ‘ignorant and insensitive’ ad to be banned. Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) latest campaign for lamb features a number of religious figures like Jesus, Buddha, Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard and Greek Goddess Aphrodite – sitting …


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