December 01, 2021
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BJP Displeased With Congress’ Video On Modi’s ‘Hugplomacy’

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The ruling party, the BJP, is not happy with the video that Congress put up on Twitter that mocked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hugplomacy. “Official Twitter account of Congress has shown worst kind of interpretation which does not behove a mature political party,” said the BJP, also on Twitter. “Congress lacks concrete issues to discuss so they tweeted a disgusting …

Obama To Modi: India Should Not Be Split On Sectarian Lines

After three years of publicly cautioning India about the forces that might try to undermine its unity on the basis of religion and sects, former US President Barack Obama said on Friday that when he held office as the President of USA, he had told Prime Minister Narendra Modi in person that India must not be split into sectarian lines. Speaking …


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