December 09, 2021
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What Do The Moles On Your Body Say About Your Personality?

Moles are nothing but a growth of many cells formed together into a cluster. They form over a particular area of the skin instead of spreading all over it. They can be formed anywhere on the surface of the skin. However, according to the Hindu and Chinese astrology, their position on the skin tells a lot about the person’s personality. …

Menime, Female Teenage Rapper Becomes Voice Against Oppression


A 17-year-old female from Kashmir got inspired by Eminem and is shaking up the conservative, Muslim community with rap to protest against the oppression in the long-disputed territory. “Rap is my way of expressing resistance,” said Emcee Mehak Ashraf, who goes by the stage name Menime, which is American rapper Eminem’s name spelled backward. Menime has become a sensation in the …

Army Wife’s Touching Tribute To Martyred Husband

An army wife’s touching facebook tribute to her late husband has left everyone teary-eyed. The gripping tale written by Sangeeta Akshay Girish basically throws light on what families go through when soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect the country. She convoluted how her life was beautiful with her husband and a three year old daughter when suddenly everything turned into …


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