September 27, 2022
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Plogging Might Just Prove To Be An Awesome Workout


Indian tourists often praise the cleanliness that they find in foreign countries, all the while talking about how dirty and crowded their own country is. But with the onset of the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign, a lot has improved and there are regions in the country which are quite clean. Of course it will take many years to reach the level …

Virat Kohli’s Commitment Made Him Turn Down A Multi Crore Deal

Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and National Treasure, Virat Kohli has decided not to renew his six-year endorsement deal with PepsiCo. No, it’s not because of any personal feud with PepsiCo. It has more to do with his commitment to fitness and leading by example. According to The Hindu, Kohli has confirmed the fact that he doesn’t want the …

Farhan Akhtar: Fat Free Fitness And More

According to a tweet by Farhan Akhtar himself, the Sunday edition of Brunch from Hindustan Times will feature him on the front page. The cover story will be on his fitness regime and most probably explain his secrets to be fat free at the age of 43 and the photographs are by Errikos Andreou. A director, lyricist, singer, composer and …


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