December 04, 2023
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47 Best Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai, the largest and the most populous city in the UAE is a very popular destination for tourists worldwide. It is due to its technological advancements and absolutely unique masterpieces the city has to offer to tourists whatever their demands and expectations may be. The desert country of the sheiks, gold, and oil apparently has a lot more to offer …

Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actresses In 2020


Richest Bollywood Actresses In 2020 When it comes to the movies, both actors and actresses are involved. In Bollywood world, there are a lot of actresses who earn so much money each year. Since there are a lot of beautiful as well as talented actresses in Bollywood, it is hard to see who are the richest and who make the …

Top 10 Youngest Bollywood Actresses In 2020


Youngest Bollywood Actresses In 2020 Cinema is one of the powerful media in India. It produces various new talents day by day, some of them succeed, some of them fail. Bollywood introduces some of the bold and beautiful young ladies to the cinema. A movie will be colorful when there is a young and charming heroine on the silver screen. There …

Veteran Bollywood Actor, Sridevi, Passed Away Due To Cardiac Arrest; Bollywood Offers Condolences

Sridevi, Bollywood’s first female superstar passed away at the age of 54, due to cardiac arrest, in early hours of Sunday in Dubai.She was in Dubai with her husband and younger daughter, Khushi Kapoor to attend her nephew’s, Mohit Marwah’s wedding. The sudden demise of this Bollywood superstar has left the whole industry in shock. Many Bollywood star like Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka …

9 Bollywood Celebrities Making The World A Better Place


We have all seen the fame and power that comes with any celebrity’s name in Bollywood. What we do not see are the quiet efforts that these celebrities put in to make the world a better place to live in. There are various problems that our planet is facing today, including global warming, ozone depletion, and pollution. These problems are …

Bollywood Stars Pose With Sanitary Pads For The PadMan Challenge


With Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie, PadMan, a new challenge has made its way into mainstream social media. It started with the subject of the movie, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who tagged the lead actor, Akshay Kumar, and the producer of the movie, Twinkle Khanna, daring them to complete the challenge. The PadMan Challenge #PadManChallenge is about publicly holding a sanitary napkin in your …

Shah Rukh Khan Helped Sundar Pichai Become More Popular

Shah Rukh Khan Sundar Pichai

Everyone knows Shah Rukh Khan. He is one of the most recognized Bollywood actors across the world. Another famous personality in the world is the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, Indian-born tech-genius who climbed up the ladder of success. According to the Hindi film industry, Sundar Pichai will be seen on Shah Rukh Khans TV show “TED Talks India Nayi Soch”. …

Karan Johar As A Filmmaker On Stalking In Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema has been riddled with female stalking for quite some time. It is often displayed as a gesture of love, and an obsession in the guy’s mind until the girl agrees to go out with him. Filmmaker Karan Johar has been a darling of Bollywood, doing his job spectacularly all the time. Very recently, he slammed stalking and item …

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge: Small Wedding, Big Reception Parties

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge

Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan may have had a small wedding sans all the reporters and glitz, but it seems like the couple is making it up to everyone with huge and endless parties, something which would make everyone burn in envy and jealousy. The pictures from their reception parties look out of time, a fairytale story without the magic …

Padmavati In Trouble; Bollywood Comes Out In Support

Deepika Padukone

Ever since the news was released that the movie Padmavati would be exploring a fictional love angle between the legendary Queen of Chittor and Alauddin Khilji, a massive protest rose against the release of the movie. The protests, led by Karni Sena, have reached epic proportions, one of the protestors offering Rs 10 crore as a bounty for Sanjay Leela …

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