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Which Air Conditioner Offers Better Air Conditioning: Window or Split?

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Are you in need of buying an Air Conditioner for your home? Then you would like to know the different kinds of AC’s available in the market. Even one should have information about their peculiarities and how they can be benefited from them. This will help them to make an optimal selection of the features to ensure maximum returns from the Air Conditioner.

Window air conditioner and Split are the two most commonly used Air Conditioners. This makes it necessary to have information about these AC for having the right selection. It is likely to be known that once you have brought AC, then it will continue to function for 10 years. That makes it mandatory to make the right choice of Air conditioners.

Selection Of The Right Air Conditioner From Window Or Split

Various factors are compared here with regards to the window and split AC. It will help you identify the right type of AC, which is beneficial for your house.

  • In terms of energy efficiency, a window AC consumes more energy as BEE star rating slabs are lower for window AC as compared to split AC. 
  • Since window ACs don’t need masonry work or drilling in walls at the time of installation, they are good for people who need to change their homes frequently or have a transferrable job. 
  • Both the AC carries a difference in terms of Energy Efficiency Ratio. It shows the amount of cooling which is provided by an air conditioner per unit of electricity consumed. For this, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is providing the star rating to Air Conditioners based on their energy efficiency. So an air conditioner which is having a higher EER will have a higher star rating. It is found that Split Air conditioners are having more number of models with 5-star ratings in BEE. This means that you can have more options for higher energy efficiency in Split AC.
  • The main benefit of using Split AC is low noise generated during its usage. This is mainly because of its 2 units used during the operation. As compared to that, window AC will have a single unit. Even Split AC will look more aesthetically pleasing as compared to Window AC.
  • Split AC carries more space as compared to window AC. One will also require more time for the installation of Split AC. This installation can be done quite easily in the case of Windows AC.
  • It is also important to have the right selection of tonnage of the Air Conditioner. This is important as it will impact your electricity bills. Tonnage selection of the Air Conditioner should be done based on the size of the room and the amount of cooling desired. Also, it will depend on the number of people, appliances, windows, and walls facing the sun.


Thus, we can say that it is quite important to consider various factors influencing the selection of the right kind of Air Conditioner. It will help in ensuring that we are choosing the right kind of AC, which can provide the desired cooling while even reducing electricity bills.

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