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How Online Furniture Retailers Meet the Demand for Eclectic Styles

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The eclectic and Bohemian decorating styles are based on mixing and matching colors, patterns, and styles. Matched furniture sets do not meet the needs of these eclectic decorators. While local furniture stores can be a place to start, you’ll have the best luck with online furniture retailers, such as 1StopBedrooms furniture, which can be purchased here

Online furniture stores are more likely to be able to meet the demand for unique stand-alone pieces, with many advanced search options. Here are just a few of the ways that online furniture stores meet the demand for eclectic and mismatched furniture sets.

1. A larger selection of brands and furniture collections

Even though most people consider the eclectic style to simply break all of the rules, there are actually some things to keep in mind when designing your room. It is generally a good idea to choose pieces from similar brands and furniture collections, even if you are not getting a matched set.

Much in the same way that particular car brands use specific colors and shades, so too do furniture manufacturers use their own patented patterns and color combinations. If you want your furniture pieces to complement each other, choosing between different collections within the same brand is helpful.

2. Offering odd furniture pieces that are not found in traditional furniture stores

If you don’t want to purchase furniture from a particular collection, you might be looking for unique individual pieces. Online retailers offer the widest variety of oddball pieces, giving you the ability to show your personality with items that work well with the rest of your home decor. With all of the ways, you can filter your search on these furniture sites you should have no problem finding the perfect furnishings.

3. Get multi-piece discounts on mismatched furniture

Most furniture stores only give discounts when you buy multiple pieces from the same furniture collection or at least the same brand. But online discount furniture stores typically offer these multi-piece discounts when you purchase different pieces from different collections in one purchase. You can also usually qualify for free delivery with a minimum order amount, allowing you to save even if you are only buying one or two pieces of furniture.

4. Providing you with home decor as well as furniture

The best online furniture stores don’t just sell furnishings, they sell decor as well. You can easily get wall art, table art, lamps, and other home decor accessories that match your new furnishings perfectly. Remember that even in the eclectic style the furnishings and decor of the room should still compliment each other. When you shop online you can look for design elements and colors that match the furniture you already have, or the furniture you are looking to buy. Filtering all items by brand, color, or pattern can help you find the perfect accessories for your new Bohemian furniture set.


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