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Honda 400EX – Best Way To Increase Your Adrenaline

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The Japanese based company – Honda Motors has definitely carved out a unique niche for itself in the world of ATVs. In the years when the world adapted to the invention of ATVs and came to accept them as necessary vehicles for sports, recreation, and business, Honda paved the way, and the 400ex made an unforgettable entrance. The 400ex was produced from 1999-2009 and gained a reputation for being a very reliable and user-friendly ATV.

Honda may not be manufacturing the 400ex anymore, but they’re still a favorite, and there is a high demand for them in the market.

If you’re looking for an exciting ride with the “easiest to drive ATV,” no stress and a thrill that will leave you asking for more, everyone you know would most probably recommend a Honda 400ex.

Features Of The Honda 400EX

The 400ex was built to provide a fun and comfortable ride, and its features testify to that. Every year from 1999 till 2009 saw the introduction of extra features that kept riders happy and satisfied. Let’s look at some features of the Honda 400ex that make it such an easy ride.

  • It has an aggressive overall design, which gives it that sports vibe. You will always feel a rush of excitement whenever you take a seat on your ATV. The first step to enjoying your ride is always that feeling.
  • A rugged steel frame, strong and well balanced accompanied with a detachable subframe The Honda 400ex is tough and strong, and so you will worry less as you drive over logs of woods and rough terrain.
  • Weight is 375 pounds only. This is why you can easily handle the ATV and maneuver through the trails comfortably. You won’t end up with body aches after your fun ride.
  • Triple disc brakes that work like magic. Beginners love this because they can stop as quickly as they want to catch their breath.


  • 397cc air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine that provides enough horsepower to propel the vehicle through the trails with no difficulty at all
  • Ignition – electronic CDI. This means easy to start and no stress.
  • Carburetor – 38mm. It can reduce the effort you put for throttle, there is proper air/fuel mix, and this is why it is so easy and smooth to drive.
  • Superbly working oil cooler, which ensures that the engine is cooled as needed to avoid overheating and engine drama during your ride.
  • Radial four-valve combustion chamber providing the ATV with maximum and adequate combustion needed to power such a ride.
  • Five-speed transmissions and gears that respond as needed to give the required sports vibe


  • The steel frame and removable sub-frame are lightweight and durable.
  • Independent double-wishbone with Showa shocks, five-position spring-preload adjustability providing 8.2-inch of travel: This feature enables you to ride comfortably over rough terrain.
  • Radial tires with a knobby pattern that helps the ATV stay firm on the ground and improves its cornering ability

Innovations That Came With Subsequent Years

Honda kept on upgrading the Honda 400ex in years that followed its first appearance and so you may find some of the additional features that came with some of the subsequent years impressive. We will look at other features that made the Honda 400ex a more enjoyable ride.

  • The 2004 Honda 400ex features;
  1. A push-button electric starter which is more convenient to use
  2. More comfortable seats for a more relaxed riding position 
  3. A multi-function handlebar switch that is easy to operate
  4. A parking brake that is easier to use
  5. A rear mudguard to protect the rider as well as rigid footrests to ensure balance and comfort.
  • The 2007 Honda 400ex came with rear brake lights for added safety, tough steel skid-plate protecting the front and rear.
  • The 2009 Honda 400ex features LED rear brake light and taillight, which shine brighter and last longer.

The Honda400ex may not be a very powerful ride for a race for some people, but it is undisputedly one of the best ATVs you can pick for a fun ride around the trails.

Its engine and other important features were built to last and to provide it with all the power it needs on the trails. To handle a Honda 400ex, you do not need to be an expert ATV rider.

How To Ride A Simple ATV Like The Honda 400EX – Tips For Beginners

If it’s your first time on an ATV or you’re trying to get used to it, here are some riding tips that can help you enjoy your ride.

  • Sit properly and confidently on your ATV. There is nothing to be scared about with a ride like Honda 400ex.
  • When you’re still learning, choose easy terrains. Do not get ahead of yourself. You could end up turning a fun experience into hard labor.
  • Place both hands on your handlebars and maintain a firm grip. Place two fingers on your clutch.
  • When you come across a rocky area, stand up with your hand on the clutch and put it in first or second gear. Find an easy path through the rocks and gradually make your way through. 


Riding an ATV like the Honda 400ex is always a fun experience. They are practically built to give the rider a comfortable and exciting ride. Strap in, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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