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Jackson Racing Supercharger Miata – Pros And Cons

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Superchargers have been in existence for a while now, and several individuals have been incorporating it into their car system. The supercharger’s importance in the car is to increase internal pressure by increasing the air supplied to the internal combustion engine. This, in turn, allows more oxygen production and utilization by the engine, which eventually causes an increase in power and, ultimately, the engine’s efficiency.

The Jackson Racing Supercharger is one of a kind, and it is available for several brands; however, the Mazda Miata model is worth discussing. This is because several car owners are still opting for the Jackson Racing Supercharger Miata till today. Hence, this article will focus on the installation process and the pros and cons associated with it.

Specification Of Jackson Racing Supercharger Miata

The first thing that needs to be pointed out is the different Mazda Miata models and the specifications that this supercharger works for. The supercharger works for the 1.8 liters Models, which were in production between ’94 and 97. 

Also, the following specifications allow for the incorporation of the supercharger into them. The 999-170 with power steering and Air Conditioning system. The 999-171 without power steering and Air Conditioning System. The 999-172 without power steering, but with the incorporation of the Air Conditioning system. Also, the 999-173 with power steering but with an air conditioning system. The Jackson Racing Supercharger can fit well into all of these designs.

Pros and Cons of Jackson Racing Supercharger Miata Installation

The first advantage of the use of this supercharger is its warranty. The supercharger has a two year, 100K warranty for its new users. However, it is possible to miss out on this warranty. This occurs when you do not meet the requirement before installing the supercharger in your engine.

The company requires every installer to fill out the Moss Motors or Jackson Racing warranty card. This usually comes with the supercharger kit. There is also a serial number on a small white bar code, which is present on the supercharger’s body. It is essential to fill out this information correctly before installing the supercharger as failure to do so will only result in loss of the warranty.

Another important information that can serve as cons is that the supercharger is not designed to be installed by just anyone. This means that a certain level of expertise is required to get the installation done. For instance, the kind of tools required for the installation is not meant for some random individual, but someone who has a good mechanical sense. 

Some of the main tools needed for the installation include the 17-, 14-, 13, 12-, 10-, and the 8mm sockets. Also, the deep sockets are required for the installation, which are the 14mm and 10mm sockets. Three open-end wrenches are also needed for the installation to be completed.

These three are the 10-, 12-, and 17-mm open-end wrench. The 5-mm Allen wrench should also be kept close by during the installation process. The other tools required are the paper clip, timing light, Philips, and standard screwdriver. It is also essential to keep the Loctite 242 thread locking compound close by as it might be needed during the installation process. 

Experts can only handle these tools as an individual with no prior technical experience cannot just go into a tools shop and get all these. This might mean an extra cost for anyone wishing to install the Jackson Racing Supercharger in their Mazda Miata model

Also, another downside to its use is that you will have to loosen some connections while installing. This might sound normal to just anyone; however, when you consider the fact that you have to tamper with the fuel system, then it can become an issue once the installation is over.

This is another reason a competent mechanic should get the job done. The mechanic should check and recheck the fuel system connections when the installation is complete. This is to avoid any leak, which might have resulted from loosening the fuel system’s connection. It is also important to note that the recommended gasoline for running the supercharger is the 91-octane, though this can be higher.

Another leverage that the Jackson Racing Supercharger kit has over the other kits is that it provides a labeling option for the electrical connectors. This means that you can easily label the connectors before unplugging them from the system. This will help you identify where to return each connector to once the installation is over. 

Some parts of the hardware removed during the installation process will not be reused, while the other ones will be replaced. It is essential to create a space during the installation process for those that will be reused. It is also essential to keep those that will not be reused, just if there will be a need to convert the engine later to stock. 

Another thing to note is that the installation specifications for Miatas with power steering are different from those without power steering. Also, those with air conditioning incorporated into them have different installation requirements from those without an air conditioning system. Hence it is important to stick to the installation procedure set out before going ahead to disengage the engine. 


The Jackson Racing Supercharger for Miatas is one kind, and owning one will not be a bad idea. This is because it provides the power needed for the engine of the Mazda Miata. However, it is essential to follow the instructions during installation. 

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