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Digital Marketing Basics You Need To Know For 2019

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Digital marketing evolved to the level at which there are countless strategies that can be used. It is nowadays so easy to just feel overwhelmed. If you are not aware of trends, what works and what does not work now, you can find yourself using a strategy that no longer effective. If you want to be relevant in 2019, be sure that you consider the following hot digital marketing basics that will change the game.

Artificial Intelligence Is A Must

As time passes, AI (artificial intelligence) becomes more and more popular in the world of digital marketing. The same can be said about machine learning but right now, what is vital is understanding the importance of AI right now.

Keep in mind that we will see soon social media bots as a huge part of customer support and experience. In 2019 you will want to focus on social media more than last year, with options like AI allowing you to do exactly that.

Share Videos On Social Media

Every single business needs to think about using videos in digital marketing. This even includes service providers, like lawyers. Presenting services like those of nursing home abuse lawyers Springfield IL simply becomes more efficient with video content. Everything can be presented a lot faster and with a higher efficiency through video.

Up until now, we focused a lot on written content and images. In 2019 we need to invest money in video creation. This does grab visitor attention much faster and can work out great in a more complex digital marketing strategy that involves various popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Site Optimization To Accommodate All Mobile Devices

This is a trend that has been developing for a while now but it is more important than ever. All the marketing strategies that are created in 2019 have to take into account the use of mobile technology. The Google algorithm now favors web sites that are optimized for mobile device use. If your is not, it will not show up as high as it could when a mobile device is used for a search. This might not seem important for some but keep in mind we are already at over half of internet visitors using mobile devices to access sites.

A Focus On Customer Experience

Customers are always important for a business. Without them, the business cannot exist. This is why you absolutely always need to focus on the offered consumer experience. If you can offer a great experience, sales are actually increased as time passes. Customers that are now satisfied with what is offered will come back. They will share their experience on the internet and can actually generate more sales for you.

Final Thoughts

2019 will be a really interesting year for digital marketing, especially because of the evolution of video content creation and artificial intelligence. While we cannot be sure what will become particularly popular in the industry, it is a certainty that you will want to be aware and use the basics that were mentioned above.

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