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8 Cool Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

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Summer time is best spent with family and friends, walking along the beach, and camping in the wilderness or in a recreational park.  However, extreme weather conditions have pushed temperature levels to the max, making it uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous if you stay out in the sun for a long period. Thus, you would sometimes think twice about leaving the comfort of your air-conditioned room for an outdoor adventure.

You can safely and conveniently enjoy camping even in hot weather with the right planning and adequate preparation.  Here are some tips that could help you make the most of your summer break.

1. Use Adequate Protection

Before going out, make sure you apply ample sunscreen all over your exposed body parts to prevent getting sunburn.  A wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses are also useful in protecting your face and eyes from the sun’s direct glare. A bandanna can also be used to protect your head and keep your hair from getting messy.

2. Protect Yourself From Bugs

Bugs are sure to be around when camping especially near bodies of water, and they can be a nuisance or pose danger to your health.  For precaution, apply insect repellent lotion or spray that has DEET (diethyltoluamide)properties which are considered effective in repelling bugs.  You can also spray your camping gear and other non-food items such as clothing with permethrin that is also known to repel and kill bugs upon contact. In addition, there are clothes that have bug repellant properties.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Cotton is definitely comfortable to wear. However, a few hours in the sun would get you sweaty and cotton would absorb all that wetness and make you feel stinky.

Make sure to buy lightweight breathable fabric like merino clothing which is ideal for outdoor wear.

4. Stay Hydrated.

Another way to stay cool is to keep yourself properly hydrated. Drink cold or cool water to help lower your body temperature and prevent having sunstroke. Bring an insulated tumbler or water bottle which you can freeze overnight. You can also reuse milk jugs as water containers.  Freeze and keep them in a cooler box to keep the ice water from melting fast and you will have cold water to refill your tumbler from time to time.

When you feel the sun is too hot, use a spray bottle to squirt some water into your face or neck to get a quick relief. A cool, damp cloth will also do the trick.

5. Pitch Your Tent In The Shade

Seek a cool area, preferably near the trees which can provide some shade.  If there is not enough cover, you can either bring a roof shade or use a makeshift one using solar blankets or tarp and if you prefer comfortable sitting opt for air mattresses. Consider where the sun rises and sets.  This will help you determine the best spot to pitch your tent as you would know the likely location of the sun at sunrise and at midday or early afternoon when it is the hottest.

Solar Panel Queensland : When beach camping, make sure your tent faces the shore so that the cool breeze can blow into your tent.  If it is hot enough, you can open the windows to let the air inside circulate freely. If you are certain that the fine weather would hold and there is no chance of rain, you can remove the rain fly.

6. Laze Outside In A Hammock

If it is too hot inside your tent, you can opt to nap in a hammock. Its rocking motion will generate a breeze and make you feel cool.  Remember to bring your insect repellent to keep nasty insects away.

7. Keep Frozen Food And Beverages In A Sturdy Cooler Box

Food will be safe to eat if properly packaged and stored.  A cooler box is a must when camping as it can prevent food from getting spoiled. Make sure that it is kept tightly closed to keep the cold inside and the food from being contaminated. Open it only when necessary.  If possible, bring two coolers: one for water and other cold beverages and the other for food items.

8. Bring A Portable Power Source

A 160-watt solar panel is ideal to generate solar energy that could power up your small electrical appliances and electronic gadgets during camping and other outdoor activities. On a very hot day, you could use an electric blower or a cold and refreshing drink from your electric juicer to make you feel cooler whilst checking out emails on your smartphone.

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