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This is Why Dubai is the Home of World’s Billionaires

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Luxury Property LLC Dubai

Dubai is the hub for tourists and people from around the world wish to travel to Dubai once in their lives. The population of Dubai has no comparison with London but still, Dubai is the attractive point for many rich investors.

Dubai is the perfect place for the world rich investors as they are willing to invest millions of dirhams to get Dubai properties because it’s worth the value and returns are also high as per the international realty Wealth-X and Sotheby’s news.

Dubai has all the attractions for the rich investors to attract such as all year sunny weather, amazing shopping experience, high lifestyle and sports events but still, the apartment price in Dubai is  $ 834 per square foot 3 times below than that of London.

Luxury Property LLC Dubai

Luxury Property LLC Dubai, study shows us that many rich investors are buying the hot spots properties of Dubai by leaving the prime properties of the UK and US.  Dubai stands at the top among 80 property markets being surveyed and the overseas buyers have bought the 3 quarters of Dubai properties compared to 40% in Miami and 44% in London.

In London, as per the Wealth-X and Sotheby’s report, the price of $1 million worth apartment is more than $10 million. However, in Dubai, you will find only 8% of luxurious villas and apartments with the same price tag.

In Dubai there are 34 billionaires and 500 rich investors keeping in mind the attractive prices aside, there are many other nationalities residing in Dubai thus making it a real high lifestyle place.

Dubai is known for its tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab is the only 7star hotel around the world Dubai is offering amazing architecture and facilities for the residents.

According to the recent report, Dubai is the perfect place for investors from around the globe being the cosmopolitan nature which accounts for its real estate market is safe, secure and growing.

There are many attractions in Dubai; one cannot forget the amazing shopping experience and the sports events taking place throughout the year such as rugby annual sevens, world famous and richest horse race and world cup Dubai.

Don’t forget the world-class modern architecture, tall skyscrapers and the souq where once can find everything ranging from gold to spices and thus keeping to the traditions and history alive.

As per the analyst’s report of Wealth-X and Sotheby’s,  in the coming years, Dubai will be home to rich investors from the middle east, Europe, and Africa keeping in mind its growing economy and secure environment.

However, we should not forget that the real estate prices in Dubai are following the downward flow as the apartment rate dropped to 1.5% during the first few weeks of this year.

As per the analyst’s report, the low prices are just the modification and are the result of slow demand from investors side whose purchasing power is badly affected by the strong US dollar and dropping oil prices.

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