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Are You Smitten By Social Media? Here Is How It Is Injurious For You

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While social media has become an important platform to conquer a number of profitable conquests, it is also one of the biggest addiction one can develop. Once a fond way to socialize, today is the primary reason most of us feel pressurized to keep our lives at a public focus, that too in a better than original status. Let’s be honest, we all have been there. Under the constant stress of looking the best, posting the best and feeling the best over the social media, irrespective of how you actually feel. So, one thing is proven that social media has a lot of negative effects on our lives. In this post, let us address some of them and chalk out how they are making our lives worse with each passing day:

The Negative Impacts Of Social Media:

The darker side of social media hits your personal, as well as mental life. It makes you fantasize the wrong things, pretend the fake and live a life that is more impacted by the views of others and not you. Here are the common negative effects of social media that you must know, to not become a social media victim:

1. Anxiety And Depression

Let us address the elephant in the room. It is common kn0wledge that social media has built a lot pf pressure on every one of us. Most of us dedicate more than two precious hours of our life, just scrolling through the news feed at the famous social media sites. Do you know, if you are spending any more minutes than 30 on social media, it starts affecting your mental health, and that too, in an adverse effect? So, if you want to keep yourself away from anxiety and depression, which are two common outcomes of social media addiction, better use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in moderation.


For those who do not speak the millennial language, FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. One of the most precise and commonly addressed negative effect of social media, FOMO means the feeling when you are stressed about missing something important or something interesting that someone is already enjoying. So, how is it correlated with social media, it is because the more you see others having fun or leading a happier life, the more you feel the FOMO.

3.Cyber Bullying

Once limited to schools or normal life, bullying has expanded its reach and today, people can bully you virtually as well. Cyberbullying can be overwhelming, imagine a complete stranger telling you that you need to lose weight or commenting on your choice of dress or maybe just making fun of your name.

When you have an open ability to add people to your account without knowing them, they can anytime become a reason of your wilderness. Whether you are a kid or an adult, cyberbullying has rough experiences for you, which can even result in suicidal thoughts.

4.Negative Body Image

Just as we quoted above, someone commenting on your body type is the biggest gibe to accept. The rich and famous have made a slim body a prototype and expensive clothes the benchmark. Anybody falling below the criteria is not worth mentioning and if god forbid, they happen to put up a picture of themselves on their social media account, the troll police would sniff them from anywhere ad charge on them with all sorts of body shaming slogans.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Life needs to be simple and realistic. But, thanks to social media, the way we perceive things have changed drastically. We have unrealistic experiences for life and friendships and is certainly distorting the equilibrium. The social media platforms lack the element of authenticity and ensuring that you keep yourself from getting bitten by this unrealistic expectation setting bug does not seem to be real in this social media influenced world.

6.Disturbed Sleep Cycle

Did you ever notice how a one minute peep on to a social media platform lasts for hours? The studies suggest that the addiction of social media also affects the sleep patterns in individuals. Quit using social media for a while and you will experience how well you sleep and feel fresh the next morning.

Social media is a giant to slay alone. However, for your own good, you have to make sure that you know how to tame your social media instincts. Remember, influence is good but the influence turned into addiction can be fatal. Being social is good, but not every good thing is ought to be virtual.


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