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3 Reasons To Make Your Next Car A Certified Pre-Owned Mazda

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If you are shopping for a car this winter, there’s a good chance that, like most drivers, you’re weighing the pros and cons of buying new vs. used. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and opinion tends to divide sharply: some shoppers won’t even consider purchasing a used vehicle, while others consider new cars to be a waste of money.

What both sides tend to ignore is that there is another option. If you want the best possible deal, here are three reasons why you should consider choosing a certified pre-owned alternative.

  1. Competitive Pricing Means You Get More For Less


It’s no secret that if you really want to find a bargain on your next car, it makes sense to buy a pre-owned vehicle. During its first year on the road, a car can depreciate in value by as much as 50%, even if it remains in good condition, which means you may be able to find an excellent vehicle only a couple of years old for a fraction of the price it would have cost new.

This is especially true in the case of non-luxury brands like Mazda. A certified pre-owned 2017 Mazda CX-5, for example, will sell for thousands less than a new 2019 CX-5, despite having relatively few kilometers and at least a decade of reliable service before it will need to be replaced.

  1. Certification Guarantees Quality

Where certification really makes a difference, of course, is in quality. A certified pre-owned vehicle has undergone an incredibly rigorous inspection to ensure that it is running in peak condition.

In order for a Mazda to be certified, it must undergo a 160-point detailed interior and exterior inspection carried out by a factory-trained technician. In order to pass this inspection, a pre-owned vehicle needs to run like new, which is why certification is the most trustworthy endorsement a used vehicle can receive.

If you want to get a deal on a used Mazda you’ll be able to rely on for years to come, ask your local dealership about the certified pre-owned vehicles they have available.

  1. Warranty Means Your Vehicle Is Covered

There are probably more ways to buy a used vehicle in 2018 than there have ever been before. Between online marketplaces like car selling websites, digital classifieds, and your local used car lot, it isn’t hard to find used vehicles being sold at deep discounts. While these low prices may seem appealing, they often hide a less appetizing reality.

Buying a used car that hasn’t been certified always involves taking a big chance, in part because doing so means forgoing any kind of warranty. You may be able to purchase a working vehicle for $5000, but once you run into engine problems or the alternator goes, the vehicle’s total cost can skyrocket.

If you purchase a certified pre-owned Mazda, on the other hand, key components are still covered by the warranty. In some cases, this may even include 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.

Buying a vehicle always involves a complicated balancing of pros and cons. For most drivers, new vehicles appeal because they offer a few years of guaranteed good driving, backed up by warranties and coverage from the manufacturer, while used cars are cheaper and less prone to depreciation.

Certified pre-owned vehicles give drivers, however, give drivers the best of both worlds: a vehicle that runs like new and is warranty-protected, but which won’t cost nearly as much as a brand-new model.

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