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47 Tweets From 2017 That’ll Make You Laugh Straight Into 2018

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Twitter is a cyberspace that has all types of posts in it. There are all kinds of posts on Twitter, from informative to useless information to pure vomit. What is once posted on the micro-blogging site, remains forever on the internet. The tweets of many actors and politicians have often left them embarrassed. Tweets from the public also found traction when they brought up many social issues. This is a tribute to all the people whose tweets made 2017 bearable and helped us get some laughs.

1. Beyonce’s unmatched performance with her hair caught in a fan

2. Shakespeare’s work was just ahead of the times

3. When you had trouble reading time, but then time had trouble reading you

4. Just another confused patient

5. And how could we forget our Exclamation Bae

6. Donald Trump’s unmatched typos

7. The plight of a professor

8. Being a true Indian

9. Donald, Is that really you?

Donald Trump Tweets

10. This happens only in India

11. The Simpsons predicting everything before time

12. Gormint Aunty’s persona in the real world

13. Did Ed Sheeran have a younger twin?

14. Dogs say it all without hesitation

15. Bhai ka Being Human wala smartphone

16. When did UP Police become so savage?

17. Hrithik and his secret language with his kids

18. The original Dab

19. The most important question ever

20. Serena Williams’ Grand Slam Win

21. Kendall Jenner’s Visit to India explained

22. Bengaluru Police and their use of wits

23. Another typo by the Donald

Donald Trump Tweets

24. When you are about to start your chetak scooter and someone says “statue”

25. Priyanka Chopra’s MET Gala dress inspired a few tweets

26. KRK’s love story

Many ppl ask me about my wife. So today I am giving them details. First time I met my wife in Mumbai Santacruz with her father.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017
Then somhow I got her number n called her n she shouted at me coz she thought dat I m trying to flirt with her. Waise Bhi she hated Muslims.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017
I was able to convince my wife after one year dat I really love her n want to marry her. But she wanted to be sure dat I don’t drink alcohol

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017
So finally, We got married n living happily till date. I helped her 4 younger brothers, who are staying in Dubai with their family now.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017
You should never ask a single ₹ from the family of ur wife, instead u should do hard work to earn to give everything to ur wife n children.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017
I didn’t teach anyting to my children about religions so they know abut human values only. I guarantee dat they will never do anyting wrong.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017
Pls note, I don’t have any property, company, car, bank account in my name. All are in the name of my wife so I am 100% #2Rsppl without her.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 25, 2017

27. India-Pakistan innings inspired these tweets

28. The trial room selfie

29. Brexit

30. When PM Mark Rutte welcomed PM Narendra Modi to Netherlands

31. The sass in the UberEats delivery guy

32. Bad news wrapped up nicely in a humorous package

33. Daniel Fernandes crushing it

34. And this desperate plea from a man who watched Jab Harry Met Sejal and wanted to be ‘rescued’

35. Akshay Kumar with Yogi Adityanath

36. Rahul Gandhi’s car in Gujarat

37. Jon Snow may not know anything but he always proves himself right

38. A tweet that was paradoxical on itself?

39. The sad life of a single person

40. A Nightmare on Elm Street

41. Unexpected tweet from a verified UN account that inspired many more tweets


42. When an author makes a grammatical error

43. Oh Donald

44. Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Pollution

45. Bengaluru Police crushing it once again

46. I have 8 friends

47. The wedding of the year

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