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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Gains Momentum On Twitter

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Avon India is one of the leading brands in India when it comes to beauty products and skin treatments. Recently, it has taken up the cause of spreading awareness for breast cancer and other diseases that affect the human body. The campaign is launched under the name ‘PayAttention’ and has already begun gaining momentum among celebrities and public. The women’s beauty brand launched the campaign in order to spread awareness for breast cancer and urges women to take out at least five minutes in a month to get tested for breast cancer either through professionals or via self-examination.

It is true that breast cancer does not discriminate between race or color and takes its toll upon anyone it can. The entire purpose of the campaign is to empower women to have a financial independence and improved health and fitness, not allowing breast cancer to be a hinderance in their lives. Recent reports indicate that breast cancer may kill up to 76,000 women every year by 2020 in India itself. It is one of the most diagnosed and most common diseases among women in India.

The lack of awareness and the social stigma surrounding breast cancer does not allow many women to even get an examination done. The campaign has asked for the support of many celebrities including Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, Chairperson Swati of the Delhi Commission for Women, Sunny Leone, Vikram Bhatt, Mithali Raj, Devendra Fadnavis, Shradha Sharma, and others. The campaign has also tried to include the fans of popular HBO TV show Game of Thrones to help spread awareness for the cause.

The movement has gained quite a momentum on Twitter, with over thousands of retweets and replies to support the campaign. The days are not far when every women would be aware of the deadly disease and surely, in its early stages, breast cancer can be cured if detected.

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