April 20, 2021
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Australians Aren’t All That Excited About Sydney


While all the foreign immigrants may have their hopes high and excitements running through their veins when they move to Australia. About moving to Sydney, the locals are not all that excited about it. While foreign immigrants continue to descend on Sydney, making it their gap-year playground, lifestyle retreat or refuge from danger, Australian residents would prefer to be elsewhere. Sydney loses …

Twitter Going Crazy Over An Australian Person Selling Traditional “Khatiya” at 990$

An Advertisement by an Australian Man, Daniel Bloore, of his “Charpoy” is going viral on Twitter. People reacting to the advertisement skill of the Sydney based Daniel, who is selling an Indian traditional Charpoy in the whopping amount of 990$ which is close to 50,000INR. Here are some of the reactions: The humble desi manji goes global with all the bells and …


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