September 27, 2022
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When I Realized That ‘Q’ Followed By 4 Silent Words Stands For

The four silent words – ‘ueue’’ after alphabet ‘Q’ has a deep meeting in everyone’s life.  In fact, the four silent letters that tell you how to pronounce the word.  Therefore, it is not actually silent. I used to read it as ‘kwewe’ when I was a young age. I had always advocated forever in a queue as jumping the queue …

Rahul Dravid- The True Gentleman From Cricket

Rahul Dravid

There are certain characteristics in a man which qualify him to be a league above the normal person, chivalry, patience, honour, humility, dedication, determination, and humbleness being the chief among them. Indian Cricket Team’s former Captain Rahul Dravid is an exceptional human being. He defines the true spirit of a gentleman in a world where if he wanted, he could …


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