June 18, 2024
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7 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Karnataka During Monsoons

Karnataka during monsoon

Many across the world admire India because of its abundant natural beauty and its many seasons and their different colors. After the scorching summers, come the refreshing monsoons; and the trees which once had wilted leaves because of the sun, transform into myriad hues of green. And the arrival of the monsoon turns the state of Karnataka into a magical …

Kalyan Jewellers Stores In India

Kalyan Jewellers stores – Locations and contact numbers Kalyan jewellers are among one of the most reputed and reliable Jewellery stores in India and the middle east. They are a brand that has several Jewellery stores all across the nation. Kalyan Jewellers online services are as impressive as their physical presence. Being the largest jewellery store Chain in India, Kalyan jewellers serve …

Top Five Skydiving Destinations In India

Five Skydiving Destinations In India Are you seeking for some adrenaline rush in your nerves? Then go for skydiving which is the latest rage among youngsters. It’s an adventurous sport which gives extraordinary experience and incredibly enthralls you. Truly, its a scary and unusual activity and it may bring your heart in your mouth but once you jump off the plane and …


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