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Top Five Skydiving Destinations In India

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Five Skydiving Destinations In India

Are you seeking for some adrenaline rush in your nerves? Then go for skydiving which is the latest rage among youngsters. It’s an adventurous sport which gives extraordinary experience and incredibly enthralls you. Truly, its a scary and unusual activity and it may bring your heart in your mouth but once you jump off the plane and sway freely in the air, your perspective towards life changes. You will be instilled with pride and confidence which will help you overcome any challenge of life. Now the question is how and where to have this experience, we are here to help you out. Go through this article and get an answer to your all queries.

Types Of Sky Divings:

1.Tandem Skydiving:

Offering an introduction to skydiving, an instructor is harnessed to the driver and free fall of 30 seconds can be experienced.

2. Static Line Skydiving:

In this type of diving, as the skydiver falls away from the plane, the deployment of the main canopy is initiated by a static line attached to aircraft. Skydiver will experience free fall for very short time and the opening of a parachute is quickly initiated.

3. Accelerated Freefall:

In this type, skydiver jumps along with two instructors who maintain the grip of your harness and give you in-air instructions via hand signals and assist you when necessary. You can free fall for maximum time ie 50 seconds in accelerated freefall.

Top Skydiving Destinations In India:

1.Dhule Drop Zone, Maharashtra:


This place is closest diving zone from Mumbai. Jump off the high skies and land on the sands of Dhule and enjoy the gorgeous and sweeping view of Dhule. The dive provides 1-hour training sessions followed by a 30 seconds free falling experience and a 15 min para flight.

2. Deesa, Gujarat:


This beautiful lakeside town of Gujarat is the best destination for skydiving in India. The winds at Deesa and clear blue sky give you incredible experience of a lifetime. Cost of the jump for static line jumps would be INR16,500  and for AFF, and tandem  jump cost would be around INR 35,000.

3. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh


Dhana is said to be the pioneer of skydiving in India. This picturesque  and charming  town of east Bhopal  fascinates every skydiver. Freefall can be enjoyed at the height of 4000 feet above  and breathtaking beauty of Deesa can be enjoyed from this height. Cost of the static jump  is  INR 12,000 and For tandem jump –INR 40,000 .

4. Mysore, Karnataka


Mysore is extremely popular skydiving destination. The skydiving camp is located at the base of Chamundi hills. You can soar high up in the sky like bird amid winds and enjoy the landscape from above. Cost of the tandem jump  is INR 35,000 .

5. Pondicherry


Skydiving is a hot favorite activity for the tourists who visit Pondicherry. Adventure freaks come here to get the most exhilarating experience of freefall  and breathe in the fresh air of clean and green Pondicherry . The spectacular landscape view mesmerizes the skydivers who come to this place. Cost of the static jump is INR18,000, For Tandem jump-INR 27,000.

Special Instructions:

Schedule of the jump depends on weather conditions, so sometimes dive has to be rescheduled .keep a day in hand if you are traveling from far.

Minimum Age: 18 years

Maximum Weight of Skydiver: 100 kg

Maximum BMI: 30

Physical Restriction:

Skydiving is prohibited for epileptics, pregnant women, cardiac patients, and asthmatics. Medical fitness certificate is mandatory for every skydiver.

Things to Carry:

Sunscreen, camera, sunglasses

What to Wear:

Preferably wear sports garment and well-fitted shoes.

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