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7 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Karnataka During Monsoons

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Karnataka during monsoon

Many across the world admire India because of its abundant natural beauty and its many seasons and their different colors. After the scorching summers, come the refreshing monsoons; and the trees which once had wilted leaves because of the sun, transform into myriad hues of green. And the arrival of the monsoon turns the state of Karnataka into a magical place. With temperatures going down to 28 degrees Celsius during the day, it brings great relief from the heat and in the night, temperatures can dip to 20 degrees Celsius, so you might even need to carry your woolens with you. Sounds like the perfect break after the sweltering summer. So here is a list of 7 breathtaking places in Karnataka that you must visit during the monsoons:

1.Skandagiri Hills:

A not to be missed monsoon destination in Karnataka, taking a trek to the top of the Skandagiri hills is a memorable experience. Especially with the weather in Karnataka in August, these hills possess great views and trek experiences. With a beautiful view of the soft, white clouds and the unparalleled experience of the mesmerizing sunrise, you could go camping on the hillside and have a bonfire in the night and marvel at the clear night sky.

2. Coorg: 

Coorg is renowned for its natural beauty, and this natural beauty gets even more exotic in the monsoons. Lengths of green coffee plantations unraveling behind the foggy and thick mist make for an unrealistic and unforgettable experience. You can get breathtaking panoramic views of Madikeri town from the highest point in town, Raja’s seat. You can also visit Abbey Falls, which is another famous tourist attraction. Even tourists passing through Coorg are tempted to stop by to enjoy a cup of coffee during the rains.

3. Nandi Hills:

A very popular getaway destination very near to Bangalore, Nandi hills represent natural beauty in its purest form for all year round. But during the monsoons, the rain transforms it into the splendor of nature. It was once the retreat of Tipu Sultan and the Britishers, because of its spellbinding vistas and the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. You can easily plan a getaway with your family to the Nandi hills as you have the option of the Discovery Village resorts for a great stay. Equipped with all the modern day facilities required for a comfortable stay, you have a multitude of activities like yoga, trekking, mountain climbing and others to choose from.

4. Agumbe:

Known for its natural splendor, rich biodiversity and numerous waterfalls, Agumbe is also known as the “Cherrapunji of the South”, because it receives the highest rainfall in the state of Karnataka. It has many waterfalls like OnakeAbbi, JogiGundi falls, and Barkana falls which transform unto thunderous marvels during the monsoons. There are also numerous trekking trails in the lush green forests of Agumbe, which is a habitat of rare and exotic biodiversity.

5. Maravanthe:

Maravanthe is a small village in Karnataka, where the sea and the river jog together. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and the Souparnika River flowing on the other side, this unique view makes it a destination worth unforgettable trips near Karnataka. During the monsoons, it becomes one of the most scenic beach roads and the tranquillity and serenity of the view are undeniable.

6. Dandeli:

The Dandeli National park is a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts. The forests of Dandeli are one of the best places to see exotic flora and fauna during monsoons in Karnataka. It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the state and is the habitat to many reptiles, birds and animals. There is also the option of white water river rafting for the thrill and adventure seekers.

7. Hampi:

One of the best places to visit during monsoons in Karnataka, the dry city of Hampi turns into vast, green sprawling pastures. The temples along the scenic landscape of Hampi look breathtaking when drenched in the rains. The pleasant weather makes it easier to visit multiple monuments as well, with the cloudy sky as a terrific backdrop for pictures.

With so many places to visit, start planning your monsoon vacation today!

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