July 27, 2021
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Need A Divorce Advice? Now There Is An App For That

Divorces are a rough thing to go through. There is a long legal process involved in getting a divorce. In 2001, Vandana Shah was thrown out of her home by her husband with just Rs 750 in her account. She had no idea that her separation would take a decade to be finalized into a permanent divorce. She lost faith …

Divorce : Boon or Bane

In view of increasing marital dispute, cases have simultaneously increased the divorce cases in the court of laws.  The issue has raised a question over the society which is unable to decide as to whether it is boon or bane. There had been mixed response during the random survey by me, to get views about accepting divorce instantly by the …

Divorce Over Trivial Reasons Common Among Arab Couples

A Saudi man filed for divorce with his wife when she started walking ahead of him in Dubai. No names have been identified but it is reported that the man warned his wife several times to walk a step behind him but she did not listen and then he filed for divorce. The statistics of Saudi couples divorcing are on …


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