February 06, 2023
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Ritu Nakra Becomes Certified Therapist After Daughter’s Disability

Ritu Nakra

Ritu Nakra was a graduate from Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology and by 2000, she was leading the perfect life, career at its peak running her own line of handicrafts, newlywed and expecting her first child, daughter to be named Ananya. After about a year and a half after Ananya was born, she was diagnosed with Sensorineural Profound Hearing Loss …

Shape Of Water Breaks Barriers About Sex And Disability

Shape of Water

Most Hollywood movies depict disability as the same concept of a white, straight male who is struck down with some form of disability in his adulthood and lives a bitter life, learning to cope up with the growing sense of bitterness. The plot of the movies is mainly focused on the disability factor and when the concept of sex figures …

Rise In Hate Crimes In UK After Brexit & Terror Attacks

A 29 percent surge in hate crimes has been registered in the United Kingdom after the referendum for Brexit and the various terror attacks that took place in Britain. This was in accordance to the new figures that were released by the Home Office on Tuesday. This was the largest increase so far in the few years since the Home …


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