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Tips To Ensure That Your Villa Is Vastu Compliant

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Vastu compliant Villa

Purchasing a home is quite a big decision. It naturally is a large investment for anyone, and when we buy a house, we expect it to be perfect in every which way. We need to ensure that the construction and other amenities provided are as per norms and are qualitative. One other issue that some of us would like to give some thought to – is whether the property you buy is Vastu compliant. If you are a resident of Bangalore or are planning to settle down there, there are several ongoing villa projects Bangalore which are Vastu compliant and if interested, you can look into them. This being said, these days, most reputed real estate builders try to stick to Vastu Shastra rules as much as possible.

Mind you, not every apartment or villa that is up for sale can comply with all Vastu norms. So how do you make a decision? Experts in Vastu say that buyers should be able to concentrate on the important Vastu rules. When you purchase a readymade house, it isn’t possible to get everything as per Vastu rules. However, you can make some corrections or arrangements for certain aspects that are not as per the Vastu rules.

What you can do as a homeowner is arranged the various areas of your house as per the norms of Vastu. Else it is believed that it could create unrest in the resident’s minds or create some life or health problems.

Some Norms That One Can Consider Before Purchasing A Villa

Here we have given you some basic rules that you can follow while looking out for your dream villa-

  • Ensure that the villa you purchase has all four corners intact. No corner should be cut out.
  • As per Vastu, homes that are facing south-west are generally avoided. Entrances are preferred to be in the North-east. This being said, sometimes, you can make certain changes if you belong to a certain profession. For example – if you are in Business, the entrance can be north-facing; if you are in Politics, then East, if you are into creativity, then south-facing or if you are into Management, then west facing would also do.
  • If your villa has a staircase, it is best that it is clockwise in direction and try and see that it is not in the direction of north-east.
  • It is preferable that the master bedroom is in the direction of south-west and not in the south-east.
  • The kitchen is preferred to be in the south-east direction or north-west and not in the north-east.
  • Bathrooms are preferred to be in the north-west and not in the north-east.

Most Vastu faults can be corrected to a certain extent using traditional methods like the usage of colors, pyramids, crystals, mirrors, and so on. Of course, this would depend on each individual home.  Constructional faults need to be corrected with some demolition, but this would be time taking and would involve a high cost, not to mention any kind of permissions involved if your home is within a community or association.

Vastu Defects Which Can Be Rectified Once You Have Purchased The Home

Some defects can be easily corrected by replacing the furniture in the right directions, using the right color flooring, changing the direction of your cooking stove, changing the direction of sinks, and, most importantly, changing the direction of the Pooja room. It is also said that a wind chime that is hung in the front or in the middle of the living room makes a huge positive change for the family members.

Since Vastu compliant villa projects near Whitefield are quite the rage in the real estate market these days, people have started consciously searching for such homes. However, very few really understand the significance of each feature and what it involves. We hope that some of the tips given above help you through your decision.

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