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The Relation Between Success and Grooming Habits

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Before you meet your interviewer, you are assessed based on the information included in your resume. However, once you get that phone call and the interview date is fixed, you know you have to visit the salon before your interview day.

Universities teach us about the importance of looking polished and groomed for our interviews. But many of us stop taking care of themselves after a few months at work. Are you one of those people?

Don’t do that. Your first impression counts. So does your everyday impression. Your work performance and presentation skills are equally important to land the next big promotion.

Therefore, you must look your best and act your best at all times in the workplace. That is why our team at Faveable has prepared this short list of tips for you. So please enjoy!

1. Tidiness

Have you gotten caught up in the workload and lost your sense of tidiness in the office? You must take action now if you’re guilty of this.

Be careful because your supervisor or manager is always watching you. They notice who you are communicating with, what you are doing, and how you handle your workspace.

When they see your space (and maybe your outfit and hair) messed up, can you imagine the impression they are getting of you? This is why you must schedule your day in such a way that you have enough time to groom yourself in the morning before you leave for work.

How tidy and organized you say a lot about your personality and your ability to handle stressful and complex situations. Therefore, make sure you’re giving your superiors exactly what they are expecting of you.

2. Positive Mood

Now work is not like the play. Although it can be fun sometimes, it is still not played. There are a lot of risks and expectations.

Once you start your career life, you have to instantly change your lifestyle and routine. And it gets harder and harder to maintain your sanity.

Grooming yourself regularly can make you feel better about yourself by giving you a positive body image. On the other hand, maintaining proper hygiene will help you feel good all day long, no matter how tough work gets.

You have to motivate yourself to feel good constantly if you want to be successful in your career. And one of the best ways to keep your mood uplifted is by developing excellent grooming habits.

3. Be Charming and Likable

When you’re an attractive and charming person at work, people won’t be able to stop befriending you. Your appearance and magnetism will draw people in, and you will have a healthy dose of friends at work.

On the other hand, if you’re in the sales and marketing department, your demeanor will make you a very likable person, thus increasing company profit.

Your superiors and colleagues will love you for that, and everybody would want to be on your team. That promotion you’ve been dreaming about will be in your grasp sooner than you imagined.

4. Boss’s Favorite

When you look good, behave like a gentleman, and work well, you will be at the top of your boss’s ‘likable employees’ list. Being in his or her good grace is what you need to be successful at the career of your choice.

When you are the boss’s favorite, you get to enjoy favors others may not be allowed to. Now, who doesn’t want to be appreciated and recognized at work?

In fact, that is what we all aspire to become when we first start looking for jobs. When you are groomed, your boss will take you to international events and meet important clients, because your appearance r is a good representation of the company.

Additionally, you will be the first name that your boss calls out when there is an urgent project. And all you have to do was groom yourself to perfection.

5. Ideal Employee

Managers don’t always tell you this, but they always have a favorite. And they refer to their favorites as the ‘ideal’ employee, who sets the benchmark for all new and old employees to follow.

If you are well-groomed and have been able to impress all the people at work with your charm, you are likely the ‘role model’ for all employees in the company.

However, being a role model means you can’t make mistakes. Even if you do, you must be sincere about them and strive to improve yourself. Basically, you have to be the perfect example of an ideal employee, so that everybody else can follow you.

Hence, not only will you jump up to being the boss’s favorite, but you will also set the standards in the company with your work ethic. When that happens, your superiors will either raise your pay or position, because they don’t want to lose a gem like you to their competitors.

6. Positive Influence

Men who are well-groomed develop good self-esteem over time. Even if you are not so confident about yourself right now, by following healthy grooming habits, you will eventually change the way you look at yourself.

People with a positive image about themselves are empathic, confident, witty, optimistic, and have a better coping mechanism to stress. Hence, these people can teach you a lot about good values and a healthy lifestyle.

You will meet many types of people at work. They all have unique personality traits. Some may even lack positive intrinsic qualities that are essential to achieve success and prosperity.

By upgrading their grooming habits, they will be able to develop important intrinsic qualities like confidence, honesty, integrity, empathy, friendliness, and better response to stress. Hence, don’t underestimate the power of grooming!

Final Thoughts

Becoming successful in the area of your choice is a dream of many. We graduate from school with desires of success and wealth, and we end up researching a lot about self-improvement while we are at it.

Business schools stress on appearance and presentation because they know looks sell. This is extremely important in sales and marketing.

Before you sell a product or service, you have to sell the image of the company, through the image of the sales representative. How you talk, behave, stand, sit, and carry yourself is going to impact sales decisions.

So, let’s not reserve grooming for the fashion industry only. It is essential in every industry if you want to climb up to the top.

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