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6 Best Alternative Websites While TPB Is Down

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As federal actions have become strung with The Pirates Bay and other torrent sites, it has become difficult for the fans to download any movies online. Hence, they have accepted the bitter truth and started searching for alternatives for the website. Commonly called as TPB, this famous torrent site was operating for about 15 years using the pirates bay domain framework. The operators of the domain even planned to setup TPB servers in the satellite itself in order to avoid law enforcement reaching them.

As the founders of the site were arrested in the year of 2013, KickAss torrent site out shined The Pirate Bay which itself had to face the same heat later on. Gradually, TPB again slowly regain its form and was able to capture its throne back by topping the lists of the best-searched torrent sites in the internet world.

Below listed are few best alternative websites that we have found out:


OfflineBay is the best alternative website available in the market when The Pirate Bay is down. Introduced a few years back, this domain is unique and operates differently than the other available torrent sites that you may have visited earlier.
This website which is publicly listed is not an established site even though the offline cache gets updated regularly by thepiratebay.org. However, you will be download and watch the movies that you are fond of and even browse lots of torrents without having a proper internet connection.


The best and the reliable alternative source to the pirate bay is 1337x unlike other torrent sites which fluctuate in terms of availability. This site hosts a humongous variety of movies, games, software, music and so on. 1337x sports is a user-friendly interface which is actually easy to access and appears promising to our eyes. You can easily sign up and start surfing the site with an appropriate user account.

3. LimeTorrents:

This green-colored designed website is also famous amongst the torrent sites and is amongst the top visited sites across the globe. The site consists of uncountable torrents which consist of categories that include movies, series, games, software, music, TV shows, apps and so on. It presently features a new homepage which has a search bar tool with advanced options that makes a user’s life easier to surf around. Also, there are uploads occurring on daily basis in this torrent site to keep it updated with the latest torrents available.


It is considered a tribute to the KickAss Torrents and serves as one of the famous replacements of Pirate Bay. You can utilize the search bar option to find whatsoever you like easily. This provides you with numerous search results and relevant results if your search doesn’t provide you with the significant results. Categories are available only when you search anything on the site. Overall, as surveys state that users generally feel a great experience after visiting this site, which pushes this site amongst the chartbusters in the social media. Including all these features, it even has a feature enabled that allows you to copy the magnet URL which is separately available and visible to our eyes.

5. Zooqle:

As time is passing by, this site is becoming more promising in the top-notch lists of the torrent sites. Over 3 million torrents currently available in the website, this holistically eases the approach a user makes as the individual ultimately finds the result what they search for. You can sign up in this browser and manage your subscriptions as well in the RSS feeds.

6. Katcr.co:

An alternative to KickAss Torrents, this also allows you to download the unlimited number of movies and apps from the website.

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