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Over Tiredness Signs In Babies And Children

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Babies and toddlers are full of energy. But, they have many ways to work this energy which makes them overtired easily. However, we, as parents fail to understand the difference between tired & overtired babies. Yes, both the things are different. While it is good to be tired, being over-tired invites many consequences to the baby.

For each child (toddlers to school age) the manifesto of the symptoms of overtiredness is different.  On top of that, for children as well as the poor parents, it is very tough to manifest the symptoms which make things go out of control.

Identifying the signs of overtiredness is a must in children so as to offer them the required help. To identify these signs first you must know them, so, here are some signs of overtiredness in babies:

  • Frequent waking or disturbed sleep
  • Incomplete sleep cycles or early wake-up
  • Broken or uncomfortable naps
  • Continuous giddiness or extreme crying
  • Night terrors

These signs indicate that your child is overtired and needs your attention to calm down. However, understanding these signs is very important as if went unnoticed for a long period of time, these signs may result in grave consequences. So, how to know your child is overtired? Here are some indicators that will help you in this:

Running Out Of Control:

Many times, parents complain about their uncontrollable kids and how it becomes a task to soothe them to calmness. This is usually an indication that your child is overtired.  Overtired Children become ridiculously irritable, fussy and irrational in demands. While most parents perceive this to be a toddler characteristic, it is actually a sign that your child is overtired.

Clinging Kids:

How many of you complain about clinging kids. We are sure many. Hanging off with mom to a certain level is acceptable but when the things go above the line, it is a grave sign of overtiredness. Child finds comfort in latching with the parents which cause a problem in long-term.

Fidgety & Restless Kids:

If your kid is restless and fidgety, it is a sign that he is overtired. Although most of us think that an overtired child must be lethargic and sleepy, the things are opposite. Overtired children find it tough to sleep or take rest and this call for fidgets & restlessness.

How To Treat Overtiredness In Children?

It is important to take care of overtiredness in kids. The first thing that parents must do is run to a sleep consultant. There are many sleep consultants that offer bespoke help in cases of child overtiredness. Another option is to make a set bedtime routine for your kids. Quite often, kids become overtired due to lack of sleep or rest. If they will have a fixed bedtime routine, their chances of becoming overtired become significantly less.

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