February 06, 2023
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5 Things To Never Do During Yoga

Yoga is a world-renowned art form that ensures body flexibility, stamina as well as overall hygiene and health. They say that yoga is the most advanced form of sports that you can perform and do one hour of CORRECT yoga can be equivalent if not more advanced and better than spending time in the gym lifting weights. While the weights …

Release The Pent-Up Stress In Your Body

release stress

When we spend too much time sitting down, whether it is on our desk, in our car, or even in a plane, we tend to feel that our pelvis has locked up in a position and that causes us a discomfort which leads to the building up of stress in our body. Some might say that a little stretching is …

Yoga: Negative Side Effects & Their Remedies

Yoga is an intensive exercise which requires total attention of a person who is involved in the activity. There are many people who say that yoga is the best experience that they ever had in their lives while some people say that they have been in better shape and health when they were not doing yoga. This leads us to …

Naked Soulful Yoga Artists Postures To Adore

Yoga is a stress buster for all but what if one tries to strip down to just skin to realize the feeling of the self-love and feeling free, vibrant, and full of light. Seeing naked men doing yoga is as freeing, joyful, and therapeutic as doing it yourself. Warning: These might not exactly be #SFW, as you’ll definitely see some naked …

Yoga Mom Marina Vovchenko Becomes Internet Sensation

Russian mom and yoga instructor, Marina Vovchenko has become an internet sensation with the world going gaga over her impressive yoga poses. Marina strips off to perform her amazing yoga poses, taking pictures of her toned and flexible body. The 34-year-old strips down to bare essentials and performs gravity-defying yoga positions. She is a mother of three children but her …


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