December 09, 2021
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Mom Shamed And Trolled For Getting Pregnant Again

While some are busy making their lives better, there is yet another section which is too free to make nasty and disgusting remarks on other’s lives. At a personal level, it seriously creeps out the pepnewz team to see that either people are too free or too insane. #KATE MIDDLETON: TROLLED FOR GETTING PREGNANT AGAIN. Pregnancy which apparently should be …

It’s Been A Great Year, For Corrupt World Leaders Having A Tough Time

Starting from South Korea, followed by Brazil, then Pakistan and now one of the most advanced countries in terms of defense and India’s new good friend, Israel. The top leaders of all these countries have been associated with corruption. When it is said to top leaders, that literally means the Top Leaders, the ones who are running the country, the Government. …


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