December 09, 2021
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5 Things To Never Do During Yoga

Yoga is a world-renowned art form that ensures body flexibility, stamina as well as overall hygiene and health. They say that yoga is the most advanced form of sports that you can perform and do one hour of CORRECT yoga can be equivalent if not more advanced and better than spending time in the gym lifting weights. While the weights …

How To Clean A Washing Machine?

Cleaning And Maintenance of Washing Machine: We all know that most of us hate doing laundry but can you imagine your life without a washing machine? The washing machine is one of the most useful things for us in our daily life. If you want to clean your clothes properly, your washing machine should be neat and clean. Sometimes you …

Chandigarh Went Under Water After Three Hours Of Rain; India’s Best-Planned City?

Chandigarh prides itself on being India’s first and most well-planned city. However, on Monday, after just three hours of pouring rain, the city went into a flood-like emergency situation, with its roads clogged with muddy water, drainage overflowing, roundabouts swamped with water, and vehicles strewn across the roads broken down. Surely, Le Corbusier designed the city better. The City Beautiful …


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