October 18, 2021
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Kalyan Jewellers Stores In India

Kalyan Jewellers stores – Locations and contact numbers Kalyan jewellers are among one of the most reputed and reliable Jewellery stores in India and the middle east. They are a brand that has several Jewellery stores all across the nation. Kalyan Jewellers online services are as impressive as their physical presence. Being the largest jewellery store Chain in India, Kalyan jewellers serve …

Is India neglecting the Taj Mahal because it was built by Muslims? Do You Also Think So?

Last week, UP state’s official tourism brochure was released but the Historic Monument was not seen in the brochure. This has brought in a lot of reaction from people all over the world but the recent news by Annie Gowen of Washington post has given a new twist to the whole story. She has mentioned the title of news as “Is India neglecting …


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