September 27, 2022
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Canadian Woman Fined For Driving Too Slow; Twitter Reacts

Canadian Police

We often read the news that a person has been given a ticket for over-speeding. But how often do we read the news that a person has been fined for driving too slow? After all, are we not taught early on in our life that better late than never? Canada has often been considered a queer place by many people. …

Sikh Politician Responds To Racist Protester In A Polite Way

A video from one of Jagmeet Singh’s campaign events in Brampton, Ontario went viral after a woman let out a racist rant at the Sikh politician. The woman went on to blame Jagmeet of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and asking him time and again when Shaira ends. Sharia refers to a set of rules and laws set by Islam. …


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