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Canadian Woman Fined For Driving Too Slow; Twitter Reacts

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We often read the news that a person has been given a ticket for over-speeding. But how often do we read the news that a person has been fined for driving too slow? After all, are we not taught early on in our life that better late than never? Canada has often been considered a queer place by many people. The nation just proved it. A 47-year old Canadian woman has been fined for driving too slow by the cops after someone lodged a complaint against the woman. According to the complaint, the woman was driving too slow, at 40 km/hr on Highway 401 near Mallorytown in Ontario on Wednesday.

The woman thought that the speed limit at the highway was 50 km/hr while it actually was 60 km/hr. The police statement recorded, “After some precarious attempts, officers had to make a tandem stop with a cruiser in the front and rear of the vehicle to safely assist movement off the highway.” The news of the ticket hit the internet and it was picked up quite soon by the social media. Many people joked that they would not be surprised if it was their mother who returned home with a ticket in hand for driving too slow. Some of the users on social media shared the news with their parents, warning them of the consequences that come with driving slow.

The Ontario Provincial Police said that the woman was fined for “unnecessarily slow driving, failing to obey signs and failing to provide proof of insurance”. While the news of the Canadian woman spread more as a joke and warnings to parents and grandparents, there were many Canadian drivers who shared their past experiences and warned people that it was no joking matter and that slow speeding could just be as dangerous as over speeding.

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