December 09, 2021
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Fabrics Made From Plants Are Becoming The Latest Fashion Trend

Banana, pineapple, bamboo, jute, aloe vera, flax, hemp, beetroot, pomegranate, teak, sewali flowers are just some of the plants that are being used for creating fabrics, colours or styles. The fashion industry is now making efforts to veer away from the environmental unfriendly clothes and launching new trends towards the making of clothes from plant products that will be both …

Riteish Deshmukh Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi In US In An Eco-Friendly Way-Watch Video

When it comes to Bollywood stars and festivals, it is expected that the celebrity would celebrate the festival with a grandeur that is unmatched and a huge mess would be left for someone else to clean. However, Riteish Deshmukh celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in a different fashion entirely. Celebrating #GaneshChaturthi in America, Made an idol, I humbly dedicate it to our …


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