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100K! Here’s Your Guide To Get More Instagram Followers In 2021

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Instagram is no more an easy bird to catch. Getting new followers and growing the account demands a lot of hard work and if you do not take the right approach, there is a dead-end for you. There are several Instagram accounts that saw stagnant growth and couldn’t come out of the bubble. But, you are not one of them!

You are someone with great content ideas to share and make yourself some great money through the lucrative platform. For this, you will need followers and we are all set to spill the beans- our tips to get free Instagram followers in 2021.

So, let’s get started.

  • Make Your Profile Search Friendly

You haven’t tried it yet but once you do you would be regretting the delay. Optimizing your profile is one of the most underrated but effective ways to get more followers. Instagram has recently made it clear that it will allow keyword search in 6 English –speaking countries. This is going to work just like Search Engine Optimization on the World Wide Web. Instead of showing the hashtags and profile names with your search keyword, Instagram will now populate results based on the keyword added to the posts with captions, names, or bios. It will also have an algorithm that will pay importance to the content’s quality, keyword density as well as when it was posted.

  • Reels Are Your Best Friends

Instagram Reels have taken the world on an entertainment spree. People are glued to Instagram Reels ow and feeding to their hunger with the best of the content is your way to make it to the top. Found at the heart of the navigation bar, reels make it very easy to connect with your existing followers. With engaging content, you have great chances that a reel will be shared on the stories of your follower which will then attract a lot more target followers to your profile. You can make a path for traffic to land on your Instagram profile. You can share the reel on our feed as well as on explore pages and see the magic happen.

  • IGTV Rocks

The Instagram gurus predicted in 2020 that IGTV would rule the year and the coming ones. Although Instagram Reels may have faded IGTV a little, the glamor isn’t lost completely. You need to be however be really good at creating IGTV series with a great and relevant topic and content. You need to know the preference of the free Instagram followers you are targeting when it comes to long-form content.

  • Make Friends With Micro-influencers

It is voted as a very effective way to find new followers. Partnering with micro-influencers in 2021 will make earn you the blue tick. To ensure you get the best engagement and reach with this arrangement, use micro-influencers with 10K -100k. As the audience is really engaged with the micro-influencer, they will take their advice and start following you.

  • Promote Instagram Content On Other Platforms

Cross-promotion on different platforms can help you grown your customer base. Combing TikTok & Pinterest is a great idea for content promotion. You can connect your Instagram account with TikTok from where you are going to get new followers. You TikTok to post sneak peeks of your Instagram content and lure new followers home.

  • Work On The Captions

As we said that Keyword search is going to be a real thing on Instagram in 2021, you need to work on the longest captions. With long captions, you have more scope to fit in the keywords as well as allow your followers to know you better. You must try and get an average caption length of 405 characters which counts up to 60-70 words.

Finding long-lasting Instagram followers can be challenging but these ways are going to work. However, to make it simpler, you can always head to Followers Gallery. It’s your 100% safe and free secret to free Instagram followers in 2021!

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