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Hair Loss Solutions For Women

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Hair loss is ideal for both males and females. Hereditary hair fall and grey hairs have no age limits nowadays that even children suffer from these kinds of hair problems. It happens mainly because of pollution, stress, and lack of nutrients. Therefore making hair fall or hair loss the biggest concern.

Women who love their long and strong locks will always take care of their hair better than men. But still, most women are likely to suffer from hair loss because of various reasons like illness, medication, or hormonal changes. This problem in women creates more impact on them than in men because of social acceptance, and it can affect their emotional well-being. Let us take a look at those reasons and find the best hair loss treatment for females.

Reasons For Female Pattern Hair Loss

One in three women experiences hair loss once or more than once in their lifetime. Daily hair fall is normal for everyone and women shed about a hundred to hundred and fifty hairs per day. And typically half an inch of hair grows every month. But if you notice extreme hair loss than usual or bald patches, then you should immediately consult with your dermatologist.

Below given are the common reasons for female hair loss:

  • Ageing or Androgenetic alopecia.
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Diet
  • Hairstyles
  • Illness and medications.

Ageing or Androgenetic Alopecia

This type of hair loss is the same for both men and women. It is also called “Pattern hair loss”. It begins with the part in your hair and thins gradually, and it can also happen because of ageing and androgens. And in androgenetic alopecia, the pattern of loss can be genetic. But women don’t completely go bald from androgenetic alopecia; it will be just the thinning of hair.


Hair Loss or thinning of hair during pregnancy happens to a lot of women. It is due to shock, stress, and hormonal imbalance. And this condition can also be called “ telogen effluvium”.

If you do not take enough supplements like vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy, the hair loss can be dramatic. So it is vital to take care of your health with necessary supplements and food during pregnancy for balanced hormones and to avoid telogen effluvium.


Hair Loss during menopause is also because of hormonal imbalance. This happens because of the low production of estrogen and progesterone as these two hormones are essential for faster hair growth. The low production of these hormones will result in loss of hair.


If your diet lacks proteins such as vitamins and iron in your diet, then you may suffer from hair loss. Because these are important for healthier hair growth, so if you are going for a diet with little nutrients and proteins mentioned above, you may experience hair fall.


Women with curly hair want straight hair, and women with straight hair want curly or wavy hair. And the solution is hair styling tools. Women do a lot of things to their hair in the name of styling, and most of it only damages their hair. Regular heat application of hair will cause severe damage to the hair and result in hair fall. Also applying chemicals to your hair for styling purposes will make the hair weak and brittle, resulting in hair fall.

Illness and medications

Some medications can also cause loss of hair, but it will be temporary. And if it’s too severe, you can consult your doctor and change your medication. If you are suffering from an illness like cancer, the treatments like chemotherapy and radiation will make you lose your hair which will grow fine after the treatment.

Hair Loss Treatments

You can prevent hair loss or take the best hair loss treatment for female in two different ways:

  • Hair loss medications
  • Natural remedies

Hair Loss Medications


Minoxidil is a topical medication when directly applied to the scalp can stimulate hair growth. It can help to thicken the hair and reduce the appearance of baldness.

Hair transplantation

If none of the treatments works, then one can do a hair transplant. It is a process of removing the tissue from the back or side of your scalp or any other parts of your body where there is a good hair growth and fixing it on the bald area of your scalp.

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair Loss diet

Changing your diet and including foods that have vitamins and nutrients will help with hair growth. Taking hair growth vitamins such as Biotin, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin C, and minerals such as Zinc and Iron will give you strong and healthy hair.

Scalp Massages

A warm oil massage improves blood circulation in your scalp and enhances hair growth. And oil massages also help to reduce dandruff.

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