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Tips for Preventing Asthma with Alternative Methods

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Have you seen someone having shallow breaths or being out of breath, gasping for air? That person might have asthma and is currently having an asthma attack. It looks terrifying because it is. Imagine yourself struggling to breathe, your vision slowly darkening, and at last, fainting and being rushed to the hospital. That is what an asthma attack does to people if not tended immediately and adequately. And worst, it might lead to more complications and even death.

What is Asthma Anyway?

Asthma is a condition where the passageways in your lungs called bronchial tubes to get inflamed or blocked entirely with mucus. Due to this, a tightening of the chest happens, and the breathing of the patient produces a wheezing sound. An asthma attack, however, is the same, albeit more extreme and more dangerous if ignored.

Fortunately, though, asthma can be controlled by a lot of means, usually with a doctor’s help. If a patient has asthma attacks more often, you might want to consider asking your doctor for help to have efficient ways to prevent them.


It is essential to preventing asthma if you know full well the triggers of your asthma attacks. These triggers trigger many asthma symptoms such as wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and coughing.

Knowing these triggers can help you in preventing your next asthma attacks and will give you an idea of what steps you must take to avoid them and lessen the symptoms.

Keeping track of your asthma attacks can help you have an idea of what the triggers are if you don’t know them. This way, you might have a clue as to what triggered your asthma attack on a particular point of time.

Of course, you must include the kind of environment you are in and the emotions you are feeling to have a clearer picture of the trigger in that specific asthma attack.

After figuring out the triggers, you can take action and make steps in avoiding these triggers to decrease your risk of having an asthma attack in the future.

Action Plan

A patient should coordinate an action plan for these asthma attacks with the help of his/her doctor. The action plan should take note of essential information such as the factors in each asthma attack, the medications you are currently taking, what to do during an asthma attack and controlling the symptoms of asthma itself.

Asthma a long term condition that requires constant monitoring and medication. With proper mental outlook and a positive attitude towards your sickness, you can better control your situation and your health in general.


If you are allergic to something, and you have asthma attacks because of them, you might want to consider minimizing these substances to your daily environment, especially your home. The things you are allergic to can contribute to the inflammation in your bronchial tubes or airways and will make you more susceptible to asthma attacks.

Identifying your allergies and making sure you are not exposed to them is a good move, especially if these substances are something you are exposed to daily.

Reducing exposure or at best, having your home allergy-proof is a good move. There are plenty of tricks to do this. These include: have an air purifier installed, dehumidifying your home, vacuuming regularly, changing your bed sheets more frequently.


It helps your condition if you are working out regularly. It does not only help you with your situation, but it is also suitable for your overall physical and mental health. Usually, treatments for asthma include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular physical exercise. One good example of this is swimming. Many asthmatic people consider swimming a good option since this activity requires you to have a stable pattern of breathing and regulating warm and moist air.


Asthma attacks can happen anywhere and anytime, as there are plenty of factors for this kind of event. Being knowledgeable can be a key to preventing them or at least help you in times of an asthma attack. Aside from determining the triggers and the other factors of your asthma attacks, it is also handy if you have your medication with you all the time, especially if you are going out. One of the many remedies for asthma is Zafirlukast, which can be bought with a Zafirlukast coupon. There are also quick-relief medications that be a big help if you are already having an asthma attack.


By following these tips and steps in preventing asthma attacks in the future (especially tips from your doctor), you can be more confident in your daily life and be worry-free in your everyday routine. With the right discipline, outlook, and knowledge, you can lead a happy life full of fresh air.

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