October 18, 2021
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Are You Obsessed With Selfies? Here Is What Experts Have To Say


Everyone loves taking selfies. However, there is a dark side to that too. One of the iconic photos of recently concluded elections in the US was of the crowd taking selfies with their back turned even as Democratic presidential candidate waved at them. Many sociologists termed the photo as a representation of the narcissistic ‘generation selfie’ but did not call the …

SELFIES–Means To Your Safety With UberSAFE

Global taxi service provider-UBER-has recently developed a number of initiatives for the betterment of drivers as well as riders. It is a part of the UberSAFE campaign. This strategy is supposed to create a course of action to revive Uber financially as well as culturally and encourage user safety. WHY IS THIS CHANGE IMPORTANT? These changes are a part of …


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