December 01, 2021
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In 1912, women promoted suffrage with Mother Goose rhymes.

6 Helpful Stitching Ideas For Home Sewing Projects

Ideas For Home Sewing Projects Sometimes hand stitching is seen as a lost art and it is true also but hand stitches are useful for everyone. In this article, you will learn how to sew the stitches and when and where to use them. You should know some stitching skill as it can be very helpful in case of emergencies …

Do Men Gossip More Than Women?

Men gossiping

Gossip has long been associated as an activity that is related to women. When someone says the word gossip, a woman whispering is what comes first to the mind. However, you might have noticed that your neighbor, a guy, might have the news of all the members of your housing community. There are some times when we notice that men …

Open Defecation Public Shaming Case: Women Garlanded In Presence Of IAS Officer

Open defecation is a huge hurdle in the government’s plan for a cleaner India-Swachh Bharat mission. The problem requires immediate attention from center and state governments as well as public awareness as well. The consequences of open defecation are known to all and everyone agrees on the plan to stop the problem. The question arises on the actual plan itself. …

Drinking Rise Seen In Women And Older Adults Of America, Unprecedented Rise Worrying Researchers

Drinking has always been the favorite pastime of a majority of the world but an excess can always cause various health problems. The United States of America is already well-known for obese people and health problems and drinking alcohol to the point of it being dangerous has risen in the US, for women, minorities and older adults. A study, published …


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