July 21, 2024
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10 Best Places To Visit In Texas

Texas is the second biggest state in the United States of America both by size and population with an area of about 700,000 km housing more than 28,000,000 people. The state of Texas has a lot of diverse physical features that give it many different climates and places that are worth visiting. The state of cowboys and sprawling cities apparently …

Best Time To Visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale

Best time to visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida Known for its beaches and boating canals, Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County in Florida, US. It is a popular tourist destination with about 3000 hours of sunlight throughout the year. It is a principal city in the Miami Metropolitan area and is home to about 6,00,000 people. The district …

Indian summers may last 8 months by 2070. Cause? Global Warming

Global warming

Global warming is very real. It does not matter how much the world leaders may ignore the problem, global warming is causing climate change. Prolonged heat-wave conditions, in other words, a summer lasting up to eight months, could be the new norm by the 2070s for the Gangetic plains, if greenhouse-gas emissions are not cut to limit the global temperature …

Should You Volunteer At The Soup Kitchen This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated in the United States of America and on this day, people all over the country volunteer at various charities in order to give something back to the community. While that may sound cheerful and moral, the sheer volume of people that gather to volunteer at various spots sometimes becomes too much to handle for the charities. …

Suresh Prabhu: H1-B Visa Issue Raised Very Strongly With US

Union Minister Suresh Prabhu said that India has raised the issue of the H1-B and L1 visa very strongly with the United States of America during the first US-India bilateral Trade Policy Forum under the Trump administration. Amid all the tightening of the visa norms in the US, India has asserted that the American economy has immensely benefited largely by …

Ten Seconds Of Life

Ramesh was very happy that day and why shouldn’t he be, he got selected in the company he had been dreaming throughout his software engineering course. And the icing on the cake was that his first posting was in America – a country which had fulfilled dreams of millions. He had thought of going abroad but had never dreamt that …

Drinking Rise Seen In Women And Older Adults Of America, Unprecedented Rise Worrying Researchers

Drinking has always been the favorite pastime of a majority of the world but an excess can always cause various health problems. The United States of America is already well-known for obese people and health problems and drinking alcohol to the point of it being dangerous has risen in the US, for women, minorities and older adults. A study, published …


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