December 05, 2022
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Silence Is True Wisdom’s Best Reply: Euripides


While the quote “Silence is true wisdom’s best reply” by Euripides is small, it holds quite a deep meaning in itself. It is also very controversial in itself as it depends on the situation whether silence is the best reply or not. There are times when offering advice in a situation leads to argument more than there are times when …

Ayushmann Khurrana Writes About Silence

Ayushmann Khurrana

Kicking off the article by asking what silence is and whether you have ever heard of it, Ayushmann Khurrana goes on to describe what silence sounds like. He says that silence sounds like 59 infant bees, all humming in chorus like a choir, lacking all sopranos, seconds, or harmonies. He mentioned how silence is mandatory in libraries and yet calls …

Silence Too Speaks….

The word silence itself sounds nothing but even when you say nothing, something exists to say nothing.  We also pray in silence.  Our silence is always in affirmative when someone offers you something and placing index finger on your lips indicates that you too need silence from others too.  Sometimes we don’t want to get into trouble when one sees …


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