December 01, 2021
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Interstitium Has Remained An Undiscovered Organ Until Now: Study

A new study conducted just this year claims that interstitium is a human organ that has remained undiscovered until now and can help make advances in medicine and research and perhaps a possible cure for diseases such as cancer. The study was published on Tuesday in the Scientific Reports and says that interstitium is series of interconnected, fluid-filled compartments found throughout …

Tamil Nadu: For Science, Living Beyond Death


People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of donating their bodies to science and medicine after their deaths. An elderly couple from an orthodox family signed to forego their last rites. A teenager celebrated her birthday in the anatomy department of a medical college. A woman felt a stab every time she passed by a particular city hospital until her …

Handwriting Too Is A Science – Take Care While Writing

Till such time, I studied it deeply, I never knew that handwriting to is a language to judge one’s personality like psychology and some bit astrology. Handwriting speaks volumes of an individual, temperament, and behavior. In other words, it is a reflection of one’s personality. In fact, everybody’s handwriting is unique just like one’s fingerprint.  There is also so much …


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